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Frequently Asked Questions about PEMF (FAQs)

Q: What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy?

A: PEMF Therapy is a new generation of health support. PEMF therapy has the ability to directly stimulate cellular repair. As a result, PEMF can enhance the body's natural ablility to heal itself, thereby contributing to reduced pain and improved performance and overall quality of life.


Q: What does PEMF therapy do for the body?

A: PEMF therapy restores the body's naturally occurring electromagnetic energy. It works by sending pulses of electromagnetic waves through the body. As it does, it stimulates blood vessels and blood flow to regenerate blood cells, thereby boosting cell metabolism, improving circulation, increasing oxygen carrying capacity and reducing tissue inflammation.

Q: How does PEMF work?

A: Think of PEMF as a battery charger for the body's cells. By inducing a mild electromagnetic current into damaged cells, PEMF therapy slows or stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, increases blood flow of the cells and re-establishes normal cell interaction.

Q: What kind of equipment is used in PEMF therapy?

A: The PEMF device consists of several flat spiral coils wound together to produce an even electromagnetic field. These are attached to a frequency generator that energizes the coils to create a pulsed electromagnetic field.

Q: How does PEMF help horses?

A: Because PEMF increases blood flow and boosts the body's natural healing ability, it is ideal for reducing inflammation, relieving pain and improving overall health and performance. PEMF for horses can be used for specific areas or injuries, or to benefit the whole body. The result can be improved performance, range of motion, speed and strength.

Q: How soon after a PEMF session can a horse return to competition?

A: The ability of a horse to return to competition following a PEMF session can be immediate, depending on the health concern. PEMF can be done at the show or racetrack, right before or after an event, to help with stress of competition as well as any physical concerns.

Q: How does PEMF help humans?

A: PEMF helps improve energy, circulation and the body's natural healing ability. PEMF helps reduce general inflammation and relieve pain, and is ideal for helping with body aches, back pain and sleep disorders. It also is a beneficial complement to other therapies.

Q: Are there scientific studies about PEMF? If so, what do they say?

A: Yes, PEMF has been researched for its beneficial effects in both horses and humans. PEMF therapy has been approved as a unique therapy by the US Food and Drug Administration, which considers PEMF therapy as holistic or alternative medicine.

Q: Does PEMF hurt?

A: No. In fact, a PEMF session can be very relaxing. Horses will relax their mouth and tongue and often drop their heads. Dogs can look like they're falling asleep. In addition, PEMF sessions are non-invasive. No prescription is required. No sedation is needed. No drugs are used. And results are usually noticeable after the first session!

Q: IS PEMF safe to use?

A: PEMF is typically safe to use unless you have an implanted electronic device, including a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear hearing device, insulin pump, pain pump, are pregnant, actively bleeding or have blod clots. In such cases, PEMF may not be an option for you.

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