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Restore Equine Health & Performance

PEMF can assist with these Equine issues:

  • Performance stress and body soreness

  • Soreness of the back, stifle, joints, neck, poll, TMJ, shoulder or hooves

  • Soft tissue injuries -- bruised or torn muscles, tendons & ligaments

  • Hoof abscess, stone bruises

  • Conditions of age (Arthritis, Cushings Disease)

  • Systemic illness & immunity issues

  • Anhidrosis

  • Digestive issues

  • Wounds from surgery or injury

  • Bone issues (Normal and non-healing fractures)

  • Laminitis, EMP or Founder

  • Lackluster health or performance

  • Improve behavioral issues associated with stress, mental tension and pain

  • Faster recovery from performance, illness or injury

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