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More Resources About PEMF

Those who are familiar with PEMF and its application - either individuals who have directly experienced it, or those who research its effectiveness in various situations, can provide you additional insight and help you determine if PEMF is right for you.


We've compiled several of these resources here in the pages referenced below to help make it easier for you to explore the information you need to help you with your decisions.



Hear from other individuals and horse and animal owners who have experienced PEMF and gain insights from their experiences. Visit our testimonial page. Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We've gathered common questions about PEMF -- you can review those on the FAQ page. Click here.

PEMF Research


Many studies have been conducted of both human and equine experience following PEMF sessions. We have included links to pages where many of these published studies have been gathered. Click here.

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