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PEMF therapy recharges the body's cells, optimizes cell function and restores the body's natural healing ability, in horses, humans and other livestock and pets. Read what some recent recipients of PEMF therapy have to say about their experience.

"PEMF Made a Noticeable Difference."

My dog, Toby, has battled arthritis for a couple of years and winter is especially painful for him. Shelly had her pulse therapy equipment out at the barn on an evening when I had Toby with me and she offered to provide Toby with a treatment while my two children were receiving a riding lesson. The treatment Shelly provided made a noticeable difference for Toby. When he stood up from the couch I could see it helped lessen his pain, based on the behaviors he exhibited after his session compared to his behaviors prior to his session.

PEMF Treatment in the Barn for a Horse in Pain

Our older gelding Rusty came up very lame after a riding session. He was exhibiting behaviors that were very unlike him, such as not wanting to move out under saddle and when he did walk out, he was hobbling. In addition to immediately pulling him from lessons for rest, Shelly performed a series of therapy sessions on Rusty's body. The night we realized he was in significant pain, Shelly went to her home to retrieve her equipment to provide Rusty with a treatment that same night. He and I both appreciated that greatly, and I was so thankful that we have someone in the barn who is qualified to perform these treatments, especially when one of my loved animals is in pain.

"Happy to Recommend Pulse Therapy"

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Shelly while learning about how pulse therapy works and when she has worked on my animals. She is very knowledgeable and explains the system and its benefits in an easy to understand way. I would be happy to recommend pulse therapy to anyone who may be in pain, or have loved ones (two-legged or four-legged) who are suffering from various ailments that pulse therapy can help with.

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